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Forest management is a continuous process that requires informed decision making on the part of the landowner. At Jenkins Forest Resources LLC, we are committed to educating our clients about pertinent issues, such as responsible timber harvesting methods, protection from less than honest timber buyers, and using Best Management Practices to preserve water and soil quality. Our specialty is in selectively harvesting stands to provide the greatest benefit to the landowner and the environment over time.

A Valuable Commodity


Pine Trees

Most landowners are unaware of the true value of their timber and are easily misled by potential buyers. You can avoid this problem by having us inventory your timber before it is sold. Once the volume, quality, and value of the trees have been assessed, we will make harvest recommendations that will best meet your needs while preserving the integrity of the property. Once you make your management decision, we can act as your representative during all phases of the timber sale.

We first prepare a bid invitation which outlines the terms and conditions of the sale. The bid invitation is distributed to insured, reputable buyers. If the timber is sold and the title is clear, we assist with the preparation of the timber sales contract and supervise the harvesting operation. During the timber sale and harvest, especially where absentee landowners are concerned, Jenkins Forest Resources LLC provides periodic progress reports. This process enables maximum control over the operation and maximum yields for the landowner.

Well-Rounded Expertise

There are many facets to forest management other than timber sales. As a timber and land management consulting firm, our scope of work also includes such activities as:

  • Reforesting Cutover Tracts or Interplanting Thinned Tracts to Maximize Timber Production
  • Creating New Forests by Planting Open or Unproductive Land
  • Developing Management Plans for Individual Properties (Based on the Landowners Long-Term Objectives)
  • Conducting Prescribed Burns to Reduce Natural Fuels, Improve Wildlife Habitat, & Create an Open Understory
  • Preventing or Controlling Harmful Insects & Diseases
  • Establishing Desirable Shade & Ornamental Trees to Improve Aesthetics
  • Clearly Marking Boundaries & Improving Road Systems

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