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Wildlife Management Plans


Wildlife management plans include a comprehensive analysis of the current status of the property with specific reference to habitat types, forage availability, soil types, and wildlife population status. Management recommendations are then made according to the specific objectives of the landowner. Management plans can be geared toward game species as well as a variety of nongame species such as songbirds and butterflies.

Pond Management

For landowners whose interest lies in waterfowl or fishing, we can provide a pond management plan. Catfish and bass management are possible in farm ponds as well as larger recreational ponds. Ponds can also be modified to make them more attractive to waterfowl and a variety of native and migratory birds. Through a competitive bidding process, Jenkins Forest Resources LLC can locate a contractor to construct a new pond or improve existing ponds.


Wetland habitat management has become an increasingly sensitive issue for private landowners as well as large corporations. We can prepare a wetland management plan to enhance existing wetlands so that they benefit a variety of waterfowl, native and migratory shorebirds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and wetland vegetation.

Endangered Species

With the presence of the red-cockaded woodpecker, Houston toad, and other endangered wildlife and plant species, it is often necessary to solicit an unbiased opinion from a professional regarding the existence or potential for endangered species on a tract. We can conduct an endangered species survey to provide landowners with an opinion and written report by a subject expert regarding the status of endangered species on their property.

Hunting Leases

Please contact our office to inquire about hunting leases that we may have available.

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